Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Petticoat Punishment

You see stories on the net of women punishing their husbands and sons with petticoat punishment, making them wear girl's clothing. Does this really happen?

I know many men dress as girls but are some men made to do it against their will? It seems a very extreme punishment but very effective. If you don't enjoy the humiliation it must be so horrible to have to parade about in dresses etc.

If you were ever subject to real petticoat punishment or subjected someone to it please do let me know the details.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Corporal Punishment

The age old question. Who, if anyone, should be subject to corporal punishment?

In my view, every adult should give at least one other adult the right to spank them if the second person believes they deserve it. I have an older lady friend who does this for me.

Unlike many, I believe that corporal punishment should start at age 18 with an agreement between 2 people. I will never spank a child.

Pretty Dresses

I like wearing dresses! I like seeing women in dresses! I also love men wearing pretty dresses!

Why would most men be so humiliated to wear a dress in public? It seems that most men think it degrading for them to wear female clothing. I believe that is so wrong. Women are without doubt the superior sex and for a man to be allowed to wear the clothing of the superior gender should be an honour for them. Still, since they hate it so much, making them wear female clothing becomes an effective punishment.

Many men, whether as a punishment or for fun, end up dressed in clothes much younger than their actual years. Schoolgirl uniform, girl's party dress and maids uniforms are very popular for both purposes.

Particularly when a man is being punished it seems common for the subject to wear very young and feminine clothes and is commonly used in conjunction with corporal punishment. I would be interested to hear any comments on that statement!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Formal Corporal Punishment

I am a great believer in corporal punishment being carried out in a formal manner. The punishment should follow an established ceremony which, I believe, increases the embarrassment to the recipient many times and, therefore, makes it much more effective.

I have punished both male and females and have been punished myself by an older lady friend. I always set a time for the spanking, caning etc. to commence and expect the recipient to dress in his/her best outfit. Men in a suit and women in an attractive dress. They should do me the honour of looking their best.

I insist on proper manners at all times and I never hurry the proceedings. I always outline what is to happen and what I expect of the spankee. The precise form of undressing required, is also outlined. When the recipient presents himself/herself for the actual punishment I expect ladies to curtsey and men to bow (unless the man is required to wear female clothes as part of the punishment, then he must curtsey).

After the actual punishment I expect to be thanked for my time and trouble. I will outline my other ideas soon.