Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Petticoat Punishment

You see stories on the net of women punishing their husbands and sons with petticoat punishment, making them wear girl's clothing. Does this really happen?

I know many men dress as girls but are some men made to do it against their will? It seems a very extreme punishment but very effective. If you don't enjoy the humiliation it must be so horrible to have to parade about in dresses etc.

If you were ever subject to real petticoat punishment or subjected someone to it please do let me know the details.


Janine the Sissy said...

It has never happened to me (although I love to try it now!) but it is an enjpyable topic to read. http://www.petticoated.com/index.html
is a great place to read letters from those who have done it or had it done to them.
Love Janine xx

PaulH666 said...

I doubt that any man is made to do anything he doesn't want to do sexually, in a marriage.

He may act like he doesn't. But men, when not subserviant can't really be forced to do something their against sexually.

They want it to happen subconsciously. ...

Lucy Allen said...

I fear you are quite right Paul. I am still interested if anyone has evidemce to the contary.

I love your blog Paul, really good.

love Lucy

Rosemary said...

I have never been punished in this way but the thought of it both excities and scares me.

I think I would quite like to be punished in this way so would this really be a punishment?

Lovely blog, please write more.

Love Rosey

scrimgour said...

Hello,i have been told to write to you on this wonderful post.
i am forced to wear a cotton maids dress for household chores and if i make any mistakes i must wear my satin maids dress.
i dont like it when we have visitors as i must serve tea and they tease me,if i am gardening or cleaning windows then my partner makes me wear a ladies nylon overall.
XX Mike,(kimberley)

Lucy Allen said...

Thanks for your comment Mike. You are the first person to admit to me that they are subject to petticoat punishment. I love the idea of petticoated males as maids, very useful. I am very interested in any other examples of males being forced to be maids.

love Lucy

Anonymous21 said...

I came across the site www.petticoated.com by accident, and have frequently visited the site to read the new items submitted. Many send chills down my spine, being a male, because I've been fascinated by possibly dressing in girls/women's clothes (since about 2nd grade), but haven't been brave enough to do so. The question I have to ask, is why these dominant women have to resort to this measure to get their way? Is there no other method, that may not traumatize these boys, or do they thrive on humiliating them? It always seems to involve a female adult, with additional female siblings and/or peers, to inflict the punishment on a fatherless (or in the absence of the dad) boy. I've looked to see if there is an equivalent punishment, imposed on rebellious girls, but have yet to find any.
Finally, society needs to remove the stereotype attitude/behavior expected from men.

stubbornboy said...

I agree that it's hard for a woman to control a boy. My mother couldn't control me and so I had a permissive upbringing, refusing to do housework which I regarded as girls' work- and still do..
That changed when I was 17: her new boyfriend showed up. She told him that I was "disobedient, disrespectful and belligerent" and he offered his services as a disciplinarian. She readily agreed and I soon found myself over his knee squealing and promising to obey.
With his support,she imposed pantywaist dress and deportment rules, and compelled me do housework like a maid. She did not hesitate to spank me and like you, she felt that the embarassment of standing before her in a short schoolgirl or maid outfit for a lecture and having my panties pulled down was "very effective."
Petticoat punishment is enfuriating and humiliating but I must admit that it's effective in turning a defiant spitfire into a sweet, compliant boy. A polite curtsy is the ultimate token of respect.

Susan said...

My wife and I engage in Cosplay, or wearing a uniform or dressing up when we play around. I found myself in Alice or Dorothy dresses a lot and eventually in a full working maids uniform, apron, and headpiece. Plus everything underneath is proper. I found it very sensual feeling, exciting and stimulating at the same time.

Now I find myself "ordered" into uniform at her whim, and I've ended up adapting to being her hand maiden around the house.

I've learned to love it, and it also makes her happy to have me under her thumb around the house.

ped said...

I have wanted a Woman to control me and dress me up as a girl for some time now. She could make me do all the household chores while she sits and read her magazines. If i did not perform my 'maidly' duties to her satisfaction, i would be ordered over her knee for a spanking, then fitted with a collar and lead to be led around and repeated all my chores to the required standard.

binkeyboy said...

I have a woman that treats me like a little girl that will service my mommie. I do all the houshold chores and service her sexualy.In return I am kept in diapers and treated like a little dressed up girl. I were special clothing that is made for me. I am punished if I do wrong and I am always humiliated in public. I have been spanked when momie has ladies over and then showed my butt in the cornor. She lets them do what ever They want.. I am tyed up some times for being bad and she lets all her lady friends spank me..She really takes care of me and I love it binkey boy

kiltieman said...

When I was a boy at primary school in Scotland i wore a kilt and was made to wear my girl cousins green regulation school knickers under it. Staying at my aunts one time I got the kilt marked and a slight tear at the buckle so she told me next day that I had no choice but to wear my cousins grey school pleated skirt with the knickers underneath and also white knee socks and black shoes. I had a spare white shirt which i wore. At school I was teased a bit but only for a bit. The skirt was pretty short on me and I had to sit with my knees together to avoid showing my knickers off. It wasnt really a punshment in fact I rather enjoyed it.

jack fletter said...

i wear girls bibfront skirts for training with my girlfriend

BobbyLee said...

I'm one of those who was punished as a child for trying on my sisters clothes. I was made to wear a dress for one day. And each time I got caught, ,y mom and sister made me wear girls clothes longer until I was wearing them to play outside and eventually wearing them to school.
Finally after the principle sent me home for wearing a skirt uniform to school one day. My mom took all my boy clothes and threw them away and made me become a girl. At first it was punishment and as the days went by I started to enjoy being dressed up so I never said anything and I am still dressing as a girl today.
It all started as punishment for me, but now it is away of life.

Barbie Chiu said...

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Tayphad said...

I really enjoyed reading the comments about being petticoated for punishments. I was truly punished that way by my mother. She caught me one day when I stayed home from school "sick".
(I was about 12 at the time.) I had dressed in my sister's clothes, and put on makeup with my mother's high heels. My mother walked in on me while I was parading myself in front her vanity mirror. I was so wrapped up in myself being a "boy in a dress" that I did not hear her come home! Upon seeing me dressed and made up, she said, "my, what a perfect sissy I have for a son!". I about died!! I ran for the door but she caught me and as punishment told me to stay dressed as she was sure that her friends would love to see her "sissy". I was told to sit in a kitchen chair and she painted my fingernails a deep red color. She called one of her lady friends from down the street to come over for coffee. I had to serve the two ladies coffee, and even got to light their cigarettes and empty the ash tray when ordered. I had a very tough time at being very humiliated in from of my mother and a close neighborhood lady. From that day forward, mom's lady friend would smirk when she was over and I never forgot the feelings sine that time. I thank you for supplying a forum for us "sissies".

sarah lee said...

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Joanne said...

I have enjoyed reading on letters on your site. In the real world you can start to make the kind of dreams we have very real. How ? By starting with wearing a silky nightdress in bed, in the daytime wearing frilly knickers and womens trousers which really do feel good. I now always wear a bra under my tee shirt and these things do get noticed by women in supermarkets and in the street. I do wear a dress whenever possible and go out with friends when I can. When some women 'Read' me they often just smile which is very enjoyable. If somehow we could get as many men as possible to dress that way then our cause could go toward being widely accepted. Love and kisses to my sissy sisters. Joanne.

Big Kitty said...

My brother was put into dresses by my mom when we were growing up cause he would not leave out clothes alone. Every time we went away he would snoop in our closet and put our clothes on. So my mom threw out all his boy clothes and he had to wear girls clothes from then on.
Of course he didnt like it at first but after awhile seeing he had nothing else to wear he finally came around to wearing his dresses. And as time went on mom would buy him lacy under clothes a little more feminine than ours were and he began wearing everything.
When he was 12 he wanted to wear girls clothes and wanted to look like a girl too, so mom show him how to apply makeup and style his hair. He was trained on how to walk act feminine, She didnt think she was doing anything against his will. My brother ask her to train him.
My brother still dresses as a girl today and mom and I still buy him clothes to wear.

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